Lower Grades

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Providing Educational Lower Grade Classes

Rise Academy Charter School has an intensive, early-immersion academic program for children in pre-K 3 through 2nd grade. Get your child started with early education by calling us at 806-744-0438.
Ongoing class

Superb Pre-K and Kindergarten Classes

Our pre-K classrooms are much more academically focused than other early learning programs. Pre-K classes at Rise are structured and teacher-directed. We emphasize language development, vocabulary, phonetics, number awareness, and the development of fine motor skills.

The goal of our pre-K program is to provide a solid early learning readiness so that students will be prepared for our rigorous kindergarten curriculum the following year.

Kindergarten at Rise Academy is an advanced program. By the end of their kindergarten year, students should be reading at a mid-year 1st grade level, be able to add, subtract, tell time to the half-hour, and count money.

Academic goals are successfully met through Rise’s very structured kindergarten routines. Rise uses the highly regarded direct instruction reading program called Reading Mastery.

Top-Tier 1st and 2nd Grade Classes

The 1st and 2nd grades at Rise Academy continue with the accelerated, academically focused programs begun in the earlier grades. Reading Mastery combines with more literature-based reading material to further the reading fluency and comprehension of students.

Math materials such as Saxon Math, reinforce basic arithmetic and introduce concepts and applications necessary for success in mathematics at the higher grade levels.

In 2nd grade, a greater emphasis is placed on writing skills, as students learn to answer questions in complete sentences, write letters to story characters, and compose basic summaries.
Give your child a solid foundation for a bright future with early education today.

Enroll your child at Rise Academy Charter School by calling 806-744-0438.
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